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We offer different models of box erectors and sealers for American o B1 box formats. According to the client’s requirements we can seal boxes with tape or glue, this will dictate the speeds and box size.


We offer different types of finish depending on our client’s needs; stainless steel, epoxy coated, etc.

Our box filling systems for B1 boxes allow us to fill boxes from the top or side ways depending on the product.

We combine our systems with other types of movement to insert the product in the box: robotic arm, mechanical hand, etc.

Technical Data

  • Low cartridge level sensor (boxes)

  • PLC Siemens 7200

  • 7” full colour touch screen from Siemens

  • Pneumatic from FESTO and SMC

  • LENZE sensors and photocells

  • Integrated safety systems for all doors

We design & manufacture bespoke solutions 

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